Please help me Go The Distance in aid of the British Heart Foundation

Heart health is a big concern for my family.

On Boxing Day 2019, my 36-year-old daughter suffered a massive heart attack, following two minor attacks in the run up to Christmas, which she simply put down to anxiety. She had three stents fitted to repair the damage but unfortunately her heart still only pumps at 31% capacity.

As you can Imagine, this means she gets tired very easily and finds every daily task a chore. Not easy when you are the mother of two children aged eight and six, but she continues to smile and make light of her situation.

Last Easter, my fiancé was also rushed to hospital and was diagnosed with arterial fibrillation.

Christmas was therefore a time of reflection after such a worrying year for my loved ones.

My work as an Estate Agent doesn’t naturally encourage a healthy lifestyle. Often it involves spending days sitting in front of a computer screen, on the phone, or driving to properties.

I realised I needed to work on adopting a healthier lifestyle to make sure I stay healthy and be able to carry on supporting my family.

I asked for a treadmill for my 60th birthday and started to use it to up my daily exercise. I did complete the NHS’s Coach to 5k challenge but using the treadmill soon got very boring.

I realised I needed to motivate myself with a specific goal to take my running to the next level. I also realised that I could combine this with raising money for the amazing British Heart Foundation (BHF), the charity that has been so amazing in helping my daughter and continues to support her regularly over the phone while rehab in person is not possible.

It is the support and encouragement that she draws from the BHF which keeps her going. So it was a lightbulb moment when I read about the BHF’s ‘Go The Distance - £100k’ challenge. This is the challenge I have been looking for!

I have therefore set a target to run 100k in 36 days and raise £250 for the BHF. Some of this distance will be completed on my treadmill. I will also be running outside some of the time.  

If you feel you can help me support this wonderful charity, I’d be so grateful.

You will find my fundraising page here.

It would be nice to add an extra “0” to the end of my fundraising target but knowing the difficult year everybody has had, any contribution would be more than appreciated.

Thank you for your support and generosity in advance.

I sincerely hope you and your family all stay safe and that you will never need the services of the British Health Foundation.

Andrea Catley

11th January 2021